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Mesaş Engineering, in addition to manufacture of wet system concrete plants, also manufactures dry system concrete plants which are the most economic plant type. Our dry system concrete plants are one of the most preferred plants as the transportation and operating costs are very low.

The only difference between our dry system concrete plants and wet system concrete plants is that in dry system the concrete mixture is made in the truck mixer, not in the plant mixer. In all periods, the plant automation system weighs aggregate-cement-additive and water and discharges it into the truck mixer. Thus as the truck mixer leaves the plant, the concrete batching process has already finished.

The main advantages of our dry system concrete plants are:

1- It can be installed and delivered in a short time,

2- It has simple operation without any need for professional plant operator,

3- Any failure, which might occur, can be repaired at the work site,

4- The cost of the concrete which is needed for the installation of the plant is at minimum level.

As they are economic, dry system concrete plants are preferred by many dam constructors and TOKI companies. 

CAPACITY m3/h 60 80 100
BATCHING TYPE DRY No Mixer No Mixer No Mixer
AGGREGATE BUNKER m3 4 x 20 = 80 4 x 20 = 80 4 x 30 = 120
CEMENT SILO ton 1 x 100 1 x 100 1 x 100
CEMENT SCREW CONVEYOR mm 219 x 8000 273 x 8000 273 x 8000
LOADING CONVEYOR mm 800 x 18000 800 x 18000 1000 x 18000
CEMENT SCALE kg 600 750 1000
WATER SCALE Lt 400 500 600
ADDITIVE SCALE kg 30 30 30
COMPRESSOR Lt 500 500 500
WATER PUMP kw 4 5.5 7.5

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